Sep 17 - Illinois Governor Signs Electronic Recycling Bill into Law

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has signed new e-waste legislation into law. The new law, SB 2313 titled the Electronic Recycling & Reuse Act, will task manufacturers, retailers and Illinois state agencies to properly manage obsolete electronics while creating standards for proper and safe recycling of said products. The trade publication Recycling Today reports:

At no charge to consumers, the law authorizes the use of a combination of incentives and mandates to reduce the amount of electronic waste - televisions, printers, computer monitors, computers, laptops, printers, fax machines and MP3 players - and their toxic substances from being disposed in Illinois landfills. It also gives manufacturers flexibility in the strategies they use to meet their goals, such as partnering with retailers and local governments to sponsor collections. Manufacturers, recyclers, refurbishers and collectors must also register annually with the Illinois EPA.

Under the law, manufacturers will set up and pay for the collection, transport and recycling of the products on which they sell in the state. It also sets up a recycling benchmark system whereby manufacturers are required to recycle 60% of a goal that will be set up by the state. Manufacturers must meet a minimum of 60% of this goal within three years, with the minimum percentage rising to 75% by the fourth year or be subject to penalties. CAW particularly supports the Extended Producer Responsibility elements of this Bill.

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