Jun 11 - Big Chains Quietly Bringing Back Styrofoam Containers

At a time when city after city are banning foamed polystyrene (commonly known as "Styrofoam") containers and the California Legislature is considering a bill that would phase out their use, one might think that corporate chains are shying away from the non-recycled plastic that takes such a toll on the environment as marine debris pollution. But Carol McAlice Currie of the Oregon Statesman Journal writes that styrofoam containers are actually making a comeback at big corporate chains:

Nearly 20 years after McDonald's stopped serving Big Macs in plastic foam containers, another generation of food purveyors — such as Jamba Juice, Sonic America's Drive-in and some stylish coffee places — is foisting hot and cold drinks on consumers in one-use, nonrecyclable foam cups.

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Adding the the irony is the fact that McDonalds--one of the first big chains to phase out polystyrene in the mid-80s--is once again pushing polystyrene in a big way with its new "gourmet" coffee line (though now the foamed polystyrene is cleverly covered by a paper wrapper).

CAW and Polystyrene: