May 20 - Fairfax Bag Ban Goes to the Ballot

Voters in the California Town of Fairfax will have the opportunity to reinstate the municipality's ban on plastic bags, which was suspended last year as a result of litigation brought by plastic bag manufacturers. Rob Rogers writes in the Marin Independent Journal:

Two environmental groups, Green Sangha and Sustainable Fairfax, are promoting the ballot initiative as a way to keep plastic bags from crowding landfills and clogging waterways. "Plastic bags are generally a single-use, disposable product," said Andy Peri, director of Green Sangha. "They are choking marine ecosystems, and there are increased numbers of toxic effects from litter. And when this stuff goes to China and other parts of the Third World to get recycled, there are unbelievable amounts of toxins people are subjected to."

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CAW and Plastic Bags: