Apr 30 - Congress Looks into New Action on E-waste

The U.S. House of Represenatives' Science and Technology Committee held a hearing today to discuss and review the current management of e-waste in the United States. This hearing was only a starting point to discuss possible federal e-waste legislation aimed at improving recycling programs for e-waste and developing products with fewer toxins.

Representatives from HP and Sony discussed their current recycling programs, including a representative from HP saying that it makes more sense for manufacturers to pay recycling fees when referencing the high costs to recycling. Even with their programs in place, it was noted that only 15% of HP electronics were recycled last year. In the US, less than 20% of discarded electronics are recycled according to the U.S. EPA. In California, that number is a little higher. Currently, 13 states have created recycling programs, including California.

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