Feb 13 - ETAAC Releases Strong Recycling Recommendations

The Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee held its final meeting on Monday and adopted progressive recommendations for achieving AB 32 goals through increased recycling and composting.

While the final report has not been released, we expect the recycling and composting sections to be substantively the same as those in the latest draft.

Areas to note:

  • Pages 103 to 108 (of the PDF) list the recycling and composting recommendations.
  • The introduction/summary lists 5 key opportunities for GHG reductions. Opportunity #4 has to do with emission reductions through forestry and ag, and includes a recommendation on compost use. (Page 20 of the PDF)

The final report will be released within the next few days (we will post it when it will be available), and the ARB Board will adopt it on the 28th. It will then be given to ARB staff for consideration in the AB 32 Scoping Plan.