Feb 8 - LA City Joint Committee to Consider Polystyrene, Bag Measures

City staff have announced that there will be a joint hearing of three LA City Council environment committees in order to deal with at least three active motions that would ban plastic bags and polystyrene takeout containers city-wide. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 5, 3:00 pm, in council chambers. Enviros are encouraged to attend.

Reports indicate that lobbying organizations are bankrolling public deception campaigns in an effort to prevent California's biggest city from enacting meaningful plastic litter controls (it appears that lobbyists have coordinated mass form letter writing campaigns from school children and fast food workers alledging a polystyrene ban would be bad for the economyâ€"in reality no cities have reported any economic rammifaction from the simple switch from foamed containers to greener containers, which in some instances can cost as little as 1 cent more). Help out by marking your calendars and showing up!