Jan 11 - CAT Recycling and Waste Management Subgroup

The first formal meeting of the state’s Climate Action Team subgroup on Recycling and Waste Management will be taking place next week. The Recycling and Waste Management Subgroup is part of the Governor’s Climate Action Team, which is the primary vehicle for state agencies such as the Department of Conservation and the CIWMB to make policy recommendations for the implementation of AB 32.

This meeting is the starting point in the process for developing a proposal that could include a credit system for the production and utilization of recycled/composted materials, as well as host of other programs to remove barriers to composting and increase commercial and residential recycling.

Monday’s meeting will be an opportunity to urge the CAT subgroup to recommend to ARB a set of strong policies that will encourage the ARB to focus on waste reduction, recycling, and composting as greenhouse gas reduction measures.

The meeting of the newly expanded Recycling and Waste Management Subgroup (formerly “Landfill Subgroup”) will be held Monday at the Cal/EPA building, and the audio from the meeting will be webcast. Although this is only an introductory meeting and not much will actually be decided, this CAT subgroup process will be a good opportunity for recyclers, composters, and industries that use recycled materials to support including recycling in the development of the AB 32 Scoping Plan.