Jan 3 - Recycling in ETAAC Report

The ETAAC committee has released an updated version of their final report, and it contains strong recommendations to increase recycling and composting as greenhouse gas reduction measures.

This committee was created under AB 32 to advise the ARB on technologies to reduce climate change, and they are preparing to present their final report to the ARB within the next couple months. CAW has advocated for the inclusion of recycling and composting in this report and we are glad to see that the committee has added the following recommendations:

  1. Develop suite of emission reduction protocols for recycling
  2. Increase commercial-sector recycling
  3. Remove barriers to composting
  4. Phase-out diversion credit for greenwaste ADC
  5. Reduce agricultural emissions through composting

[The full report can be found on our documents page]

The draft report, with these additions, will be presented at the next ETAAC meeting on January 25. The deadline for submitting comments is January 18. [More information]