Dec 21 - Whole Foods Phasing Out Plastic Bags, Demand for Reusables Up

Whole Foods has announced that it plans to discontinue giving out plastic bags sometime early next year. The decision came as the City of Austinâ€"where Whole Foods is basedâ€"is considering its own plastic bag measure.

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If Whole Foods does stop giving out plastic bags, it would be the first nation-wide grocery chain to do so. In related news, Ilana DeBare of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that demand has gone way up for custom reusable bags:

"In the wake of San Francisco's recent ban on plastic grocery bags, other jurisdictions from Los Angeles to New Jersey are considering restrictions on the use of plastic bags. And since last summer, California law has required all large supermarkets to offer reusable bags for sale... Meanwhile, worries about climate change and marine pollution are leading more individual consumers throughout the country to answer "none of the above" when faced with the cliched choice of "Paper or plastic?" Environmentalists have urged consumers to bring their own bags to the supermarket for years. But until recently, few people responded...But that has started to change..."

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DeBare reports that the number of companies selling reusable bags has multiplied greatly from just four years ago.

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