Dec 11 - ETAAC and Scoping Plan Meetings

The ETAAC will be holding a meeting on Thursday, December 13th to discuss their draft recommendations. ETAAC is expected to finalize its report within the next month, so this meeting will be one of the final opportunities to encourage the committee to shift its waste sector focus from unproven technologies to reliable recycling and composting. CAW’s comments to the committee can be found on our letters page.

Also this week, the ARB will be holding its second meeting on the AB 32 Scoping Plan on Friday, December 14th. This meeting will be the first opportunity for the ARB staff to provide some insights as to general concepts that they envision being incorporated into the Scoping Plan. CAW has suggested a series of waste reduction and recycling policies to be included in this process.

Both meetings will be held at the Cal/EPA Headquarters in Sacramento and webcast.