Dec 10 - New York City Council Introduces E-waste Recycling Bill

The New York City Council recently introduced legislation for new e-waste recycling standards. The bill, Int. No. 104-A, is the first e-waste recycling measure to be introduced at the local level in the United States. The bill puts a landfill disposal ban on covered e-waste by 2010 and requires manufacturers to develop a free program to collect e-waste and to cover all costs of recovering and recycling. Covered electronics include TVs, monitors, laptops, CPUs, computer accessories and MP3 players.

Unlike other e-waste laws, this legislation sets recycling goals. The bill requires manufacturers of covered electronics to recover and recycle a gradually increasing percentage of what they sell in New York City. By July 1, 2012 the minimum collection must be 25% and by 2018, the minimum will be 65% collected. Manufacturers who don't meet these goals will face monetary fines.

Read the bill language for the Electronic Equipment Collection, Recycling and Reuse Act.

Read a New York Times opinion piece on the legislation.

What You Can Do

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