Nov 21 - Sony Commits to Responsible E-waste Recycling as TV TakeBack Campaign is Launched

Sony Electronics is the first to sign on to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition's (formerly the Computer TakeBack Campaign) "Manufacturer Commitment to Responsible E-Waste Recycling." This commitment requires manufacturers to maintain strict recycling standards for their electronics recovery, including no disposing of toxic e-waste to landfills and shipping to developing countries. Sony, in partnership with Waste Management is also the first TV manufacturer to launch a free national takeback program for televisions.

Sony's commitment for safe TV takeback and disposal comes as the Electronics TakeBack Coalition launches its "Take Back My TV Campaign," urging other TV manufacturers to follow Sony's leade to solve the toxic e-waste problem by providing better and more convenient recycling opportunities for their products to consumers.

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CAW is currently calling on California's policy makers to address the growing e-waste disposal concern in the state and overseas by expanding the hazardous waste reduction and recycling provisions of California's e-waste law.

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