Nov 8 - CAW Supports Landfill Gas Collection Protocol

The California Climate Action Registry (CCAR) has released a draft GHG reduction protocol for landfill gas capture. By providing a financial incentive for landfills to capture and destroy additional landfill gas, this protocol should result in a net reduction of fugitive landfill gas emissions.

While CAW supports installation of additional gas control systems at landfills, we have consistently expressed our concern that this type of protocol, without a counterbalance, could inadvertently create a barrier to diverting additional organics to composting. CCAR has recognized these concerns and proposed the following langauge be added to the latest draft of the protocol:

“The Registry recognizes the importance of developing waste diversion and recycling incentive programs or protocols to assist in GHG reduction efforts. If sufficient waste diversion and recycling programs or protocols have not become operational and demonstrated effectiveness by 2013 this protocol will be temporarily suspended until such programs or protocols become operational and effective. The Registry will consult with interested stakeholders in this decision process.”

This would, in effect, sunset the protocol unless a protocol (or other incentive) is developed (and demonstrated effective) to encourage recycling and composting.

Thus, this protocol would not only ensure that substantial reductions in landfill emissions are achieved, but it paves the way for a series of protocols to address recycling and composting.

CAW supports the protocol. Information on submitting public comments can be found on CCAR’s website.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines
  • November 13 - Deadline for public comments on the CCAR Landfill Protocol. [More information]
  • November 26 - Public workshop to discuss the ARB's GHG Inventory. All documentation is expected to be released about one week prior to the meeting. [More information]
  • November 29 - Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee (ETAAC) is meeting to discuss their draft final report. Meeting will be in Fresno but the workshop should be webcast. [More information]
  • November 30 - AB 32 Scoping Plan meeting at South Coast AQMD's Diamond Bar office with an interactive simulcast at the Cal/EPA building. This is the first meeting for the Scoping Plan, and it will focus on the structure and organization of the document. [More information]
  • December 6 - ARB Board Meeting will have adoption of Mandatory Reporting regulations on the agenda. [More information]
  • December 14 - AB 32 Scoping Plan workshop at the Cal/EPA building in Sacramento. This will focus on the individual sectors that will be in the Scoping Plan. [More information]