Oct 17 - Apple Sued Over Toxics in iPhone: Who's Next?

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) earlier this week announced that it was suing Apple over its iPhone for containing hazardous materials, including phthalates. This suit is based on a report by Greenpeace that revealed the presence of hazardous chemicals in the construction of the iPhone. In addition, the CEH cites Apple's iPhone is in violation of California's Proposition 65, where products that can expose consumers to phthalates or other chemicals that are reproductive toxins or carcinogens must carry a warning label. Something that does not appear on iPhones currently.

Read an article about the lawsuit.

Read the Greenpeace report.

Governor Schwarzenegger recently vetoed CAW sponsored AB 48, which would have phased out the use of toxics in most consumer electronics.Â

What You Can Do