Oct 14 - Breaking News: Governor Schwarzenegger Again Vetoes Legislation to Expand Multifamily Recycling Opportunities

For the third year in a row, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed legislation that would have expanded recycling opportunities to the more than 7 million Californians living in apartments and other multifamily dwellings that still lack a basic recycling opportunity where they live.

CAW-sponsored AB 548 (Levine) would have required apartment owners to provide recycling services to their tenants. In his veto message, the Governor says:

I support efforts to reduce the amount of solid waste going to the state’s landfills, but this bill places requirements directly onthe owner/operators of multifamily dwellings causing significant cost for the private owners of these properties. Additionally, local governments already have the authority to mandate the action envisioned by this bill. I encourage the Integrated Waste Management Board to continue in its efforts to provide adequate tools and resources to local jurisdictions in order to make available increased recycling opportunities for multifamily dwelling residents.

The Governor; however, did sign SB 1021 (Padilla), which will use unclaimed bottle bill deposits to help fund multifamily recycling. This at least provides a starting point in getting recycling to the multifamily dwellings who don't currently have access to such opportunities in the state, but doesn't solve the problem completely.

Assembly Member Lloyd Levine has already committed to reintroducing the recycling proposal next year.

These bills mark the end of CAW's long and tough legislative session, which had both successes and disappointments. We are already busy preparing to take on new legislation to increase recycling and reduce waste.

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