Oct 10 - Assembly Member Levine 'Walks the Walk' on Reuse

As evidenced by his recent weblog on the problem posed by plastic litter and waste posted on Speak Out California, Assembly Member Lloyd Levine 'walks the walk' when it comes to pollution prevention and recycling.

"As an avid runner I witness the problem first-hand. Running along the Los Angeles River, I come across thousands of plastic bags on the river banks, in trees, and floating in the river itself. My experience was confirmed by facts: During a routine Los Angeles River cleanup, plastic bags and film constituted 45 percent of the volume of litter collected - this is because they are so easily carried by wind from uncovered trash cans and dumpsters, vehicles, and solid waste facilities including landfills."

Levine was the author of CAW sponsored AB 2449, which went into effect on July 1, and requires retailers to promote and provide customers with a reusable bag opportunity as an alternative to one-time use plastic bags. The legislation also requires retailers to take-back old plastic bags for recycling. But as Levine's article conveys, we've got to take the steps to make some modest adjustments in our lifestyle in order to do our part to reduce our 'waste print'.

Levine is also the author of CAW sponsored AB 548, which would require all apartments to provide tenants with an on-site recycling opportunity. The measure is currently pending on the Governor's desk.

Assemblymember Levine's Plastic Bags Recycling Radio PSA (mp3)