Oct 1 - Easy Access to Recycling Not Uniform in California

Even though California municipalities have made strides in recent years in increasing their landfill diversion rates through increased curbside recycling pickup, notable gaps still exist in opportunities to recycling, reports Alex Breitler of the Stockton Record. In Stockton, for example, residents of unincorporated county pockets within the City of Stockton have no curbside recycling, even though often their neighbors across the street do:

Unlike his neighbors on the north side of Michigan Avenue, Chavarin lives within one of several unincorporated pockets of Stockton, county islands that seem no different than the rest of the city but whose residents have less opportunity to recycle. Too many Californians lack access to curbside recycling, according to the advocacy group Californians Against Waste. No more than 70 percent of the state's single-family homes have an easy-to-use recycling program. That number drops to 40 percent for apartment-dwellers.

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CAW and Recycling Opportunity Issues:

  • CAW is sponsoring AB 548, which requires owners of multifamily dwellings to provide recycling services. AB 548 is currently sitting on the Governor's Desk awaiting is signature or veto. Take Action!