Sept 7 - New EAMs Announced and an Update on the GHG Inventory

New Early Actions Announced

The ARB unveiled a list of additional Early Action Measures (EAMs) today. While the list does not have any new waste sector measures, it does have several items that will have substantial environmental benefits.

In July, the ARB adopted the first 3 EAMs, one of which directed staff to determine best management practices for landfills and set requirements for landfills that do not have gas collection systems to install them.


Greenhouse Gas Inventory

CAW has written a new letter to the ARB regarding the draft GHG emissions inventory. The main points of the letter were that:

  • We support the switch to an atmospheric flow model from a carbon stock model. (The inventory no longer gives credit for CO2 sequestration to landfilling lumber and yard trimmings.)
  • We found the clarification of “sequestration” terminology very helpful and look forward to a full glossary in the final version.
  • We believe the use of a 75% collection efficiency is unsubstantiated and unjustified.
  • The ARB should requiring mandatory reporting of operational data at landfills (such as the amount of waste in place without gas collection) in order to refine fugitive landfill emission estimates.

A copy of the letter can be found on our letter page.