Sept 4 - ARB Announces Call for Scoping Plan Ideas

The Air Resources Board has sent out a request for ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures to include in their Scoping Plan. The Scoping Plan is a guiding document that is being developed to serve as a blueprint for achieving AB 32 goals. Here is the ARB e-mail:

ARB staff is requesting public input on ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) requires ARB to prepare a Scoping Plan to achieve the maximum technically feasible and cost effective reductions of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. ARB staff is beginning development of the Scoping Plan with a public solicitation for potential measures or ideas for greenhouse gas emission reductions.

For additional information, please view the notice at:

Comments are due October 1st and can be e-mailed to

CAW will be working to insure that waste reduction, recycling, and composting are prominent elements of the Scoping Plan.