Aug 8 - Lots of Recycling Bills Still in Play When Legislature Gets Back

As the legislature takes its annual month-long summer break, CAW is preparing for the final four weeks of session for 2007 that starts August 20. Key legislation that is still in play includes:

AB 48 (Saldaña), AB 1109 (Huffman) and AB 1195 (Torrico) are all scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee August 20. AB 48 will phase out the use of hazardous materials in most consumer electronics, while AB 1109 will create a comprehensive plan to set new energy efficiency standards for lighting and reduce hazardous materials in lighting. AB 1195 would allow the Integrated Waste Management Board to set the recycling incentive amount on a per quart basis at no less than 4.5 cents per quart of used oil recycled into re-refined lubricating oil.

AB 258 (Krekorian), which would require the implementation of best management practices for the cleanup and prevention of preproduction plastic pellet discharges into the environment will also next be heard in Senate Appropriations August 20.

AB 484 (Nava) and AB 712 (De Leon) will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 20th, after which they will be heard by the full Senate, pending passage in committee. AB 484 would prohibit Caltrans contractors from disposing concrete in landfills, and AB 712 would increase the Board of Equalization tipping fee by $0.50 to pay for clean air retrofits for off-road vehicles at landfills, compost facilities, and recycling centers.

AB 548 (Levine) currently awaits a concurrence vote on amendments on the Assembly Floor before it can head to the Governor's office for a signature. We still need support, so email your legislator now!

SB 966 (Simitian), which would provide consumers with the ability to safely dispose of their expired pharmaceuticals in store, is also awaiting a decision in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on August 20.

SB 826 (Padilla)
, which seeks to require the CIWMB to incorporate standards for environmental justice in solid waste facility permits, is on the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File. The committee will decide whether to take it off the suspense file by the end of the month, after which it would go to a vote before the full Assembly.

Also on the Suspense File in the Assembly is SB 1020 (Padilla) requiring the Waste Management Board to adopt policies, programs, and incentives to increase statewide waste diversion to 75% by 2020.

SB 898 (Simitian) which would provide funds to clean up derelict fishing gear and other forms of marine debris has also been placed on the Asm. Appropriations Suspense File.

SB 697 (Wiggins) requires Caltrans and its contractors to use compost produced within California, and it will be voted on by the full Assembly before the end of the legislative session.