May 26 - E-waste Bill the Next Big Thing in Texas

The Texas House of Representatives voted in favor of amendments on an e-waste bill (HB 2714) that now heads to Gov. Rick Perry's desk for signature. The bill received no dissenting votes and is expected to be signed by the Governor.

The Producer Responsibility bill requires computer manufacturers to create convenient and free recycling opportunities to consumers, including computer monitors, desktops and laptop computers, but does not include television sets.

This legislation will provide a level playing field so that all computer makers will compete on how efficiently their products can be recycled, in addition to how efficiently they can be manufactured and marketed. This bill would give companies an incentive to lessen the toxic materials inside and design their products for easy recycling. At the same time, it will create jobs in the electronics recycling field and take the burden for handling this toxic waste off the shoulders of local governments and taxpayers.

Read a Press Release from Texas Campaign for the Environment.

Texas follows in the footsteps of Minnesota, which also passed a Producer Responsibility bill earlier this month (H.F. 854) that was signed by the MN Governor.

CAW is currently sponsoring e-waste bills in the legislature, including AB 48 (Saldaña), which would phase out the use of toxic materials in most electronics in accordance with the European Union's RoHS Directive. AB 1535 (Huffman) would expand California's E-waste Recycling Law to include Personal Computers. Help support these bills by sending in letters of support!

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