May 22 - Staples Launches Nationwide E-waste Recycling Program

Staples is now offering consumers a convenient way to recycle their used electronics, including computers and other office electronics, becoming the first national retailer to offer e-waste recycling in stores daily.

Customers will be able to bring in their used electronics to any story regardless of where the items was purchased and all brands will be accepted and then recycled in accordance to U.S. EPA laws. Large items will be charged a $10 per item fee to cover transport, handling and recycling fees.

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CAW is currently sponsoring e-waste bills in the legislature, including AB 48 (Saldaña), which would phase out the use of toxic materials in most electronics in accordance with the European Union's RoHS Directive. AB 1535 (Huffman) would expand California's currently successful E-waste Recycling Law to include Personal Computers.

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