Apr 30 - Texas Bill to Tackle E-waste Recycling

A bill introduced in the Texas state legislature may soon require companies who sell computer products in the state to offer free pick up and recycling services for consumers. State Senator Kirk Watson, D-Austin, introduced SB 1324 that would have computer manufacturers label their equipment with recycling information. In California, SB 20, the state's E-waste Recycling Law requires customers to pay a small advanced recycling fee at the purchase of computers and the money goes towards a fund used for computer recycling.

SB 1324 has a companion House bill, and both are supported by a wide variety of groups, including electronic manufacturer Dell Inc. The Associated Press reports.

"This is a big first step and a lot of work has gone into getting agreement from a variety of folks," said Watson, a former Austin mayor. "This is a major step in environmental protection and will make a substantial difference."

Seemingly everyone involved "environmental groups, lawmakers, large manufacturers including Round Rock-based Dell Inc., and industry organizations like the Texas Association of Business" support the bills.

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SB 1324 Bill Language

CAW is currently sponsoring two e-waste related bills in the legislature. AB 1535 (Huffman) would expand the current E-waste Recycling law to include personal computers. A report has indicated that over 6 million personal computers are discarded in California annually. AB 48 (Saldaña) would phase out the use of specified hazardous materials in consumer electronics. This bill is consistent with the European Union's ROHs Directive.

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