May 1 - ARB Inventory Workshop on Landfill Emissions

The ARB will hold a workshop this Friday to obtain stakeholder input on how to improve the emission estimates from landfills in the GHG Emissions Inventory. AB 32 requires the ARB to determine by January 1, 2008, what the baseline GHG emissions were in 1990. This estimate will be used to deteremine future reductions in GHG emissions. CAW has communicated several concerns to the ARB about the inventory as it relates to landfills. Some of the major issues are as follows:

1. Counting the landfilling of lumber as carbon "sequestration"

2. Overestimation of landfill gas collection efficiencies

3. Failing to account for the time waste is in place before gas collection systems are turned on

4. Failure to account for GHG emssions once gas collection systems are no longer maintained

5. Overestimation of oxidation of methane through landfill cover materials.


The workshop will be held in the Coastal Hearing Room at the Cal EPA building on Friday May 4th, at 1:30.