Mar 31 - Napa Residents Grumble for Multi-Family Recycling

Recycling is proving an inconvenience for most apartment dwellers in the city of Napa. Smaller complexes have the worst records, given the lack of space and resources. From Julissa McKinnon of the Napa Valley Register:

Malia Legros didn't enjoy adding to the jumble of cardboard -- boxes for diapers, cereal, a television, detergent -- overflowing from two of the Dumpsters at her apartment complex.

But as she moved in, and the empty boxes piled up, Legros did something she hasn't done in years. She reluctantly threw away perfectly recyclable materials -- cardboard, and clean cardboard at that, she said.

Legros admits she probably won't save up recyclables to periodically load into her sedan and haul off to the south Napa dump. It's just too inconvenient, she said with a frown.

Statewide multi-family dwelling recycling can be a reality with AB 548 (Levine) sponsored by CAW.

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