Mar 12 - CIWMB Announces Early Action Measures to Reduce GHG Emsissions

Chair Brown Announces Recycling-Based EAMs.

At Today's Climate Action Team Meeting Chair Margo Brown, of the CIWMB announced a series of Early Action Measures to be implemented by the CIWMB to reduce GHG emissions. Among the recycling based measures the CIWMB will be pursuing are: -

-Mandatory Commercial RecyclingÂ

-Expansion of Multifamily Dwelling Curbside RecyclingÂ

-Targeting Specific Materials and Sectors for RecyclingÂ

-Incentives for Organics Markets

These measures closely track the EAMs CAW has presented to the ARB, and submitted in writing to the CIWMB. CAW fully supports these measures and commends the CIWMB for moving forward with this ambitious list of GHG emission reducing programs.