Mar 8 - CIWMB Honors Green Businesses

The California Integrated Waste Management Board has awarded 1,200 California as part of its annual Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) that rewards businesses that have obtained excellence in waste diversion.

One company to win top honorsâ€"Pacific Buildersâ€"is profiled by the Eureka Times Standard:

"Out of a total of 842.36 tons of construction waste debris generated from May 2005 to July 2006, Pacific Builders was able to divert 546 tons from the landfill. This gives Pacific Builders an overall diversion rate of 65 percent. By using focused resource management plans, a savings of $156,089 was accomplished in the overall efforts to recycle and reuse."

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According to the CIWMB, the commercial sector accounts for 47% of all waste generated in California.

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