Jan 22- When an Early Action Measure Isn't

AB 32 requires the Air Resource Board to adopt Discrete Early Action Measures to reduce GHG emissions by 2008. The purpose of today's workshop was to present ARB's preconceived EAMs and to receive proposed EAM from the public. In a standing room only EPA hearing room hundreds of stakeholers from industry, and the environment proposed and commented on possible EAMs. While stakeholders had been told that all EAM's should be presented, even those proposing actions by entities other than the ARB, staff late clarified that EAMs under AB 32 are exclusive to regulatory actions taken by the ARB.

Nonetheless, CAW and others proposed an extensive list of measures designed to reduce GHG emissions. Many of these measures require action by other agencies and boards such as the CIWMB. The key question of the day is: if ARB is not authorized to implement these EAMs, who is authorizing/requiring the other boards within the EPA to do so?