Feb 21- Waste Sector Subject of ARB GHG Inventory Technical Working Group

At today's technical working group it became clear just how monumental a task it will be to determine what the 1990 baseline emissions will were, and hence, what the 2020 emission limits will be. Each sector, e.g. utility, refinery, etc., requires specific mathematical emission factors and procedural protocols develop the inventory. The waste sector was actively discussed in the workgroup. The reoccurring theme with landfills is that everyone agrees that we don&'t really know how much methane they emit.

Waste Management Inc. suggested that landfills are not being credited sufficiently for the role they play as a carbon sink and urged the workgroup to include a greater array of materials when considering carbon sequestration in landfills. CAW advocated for greater scrutiny of emissions from greenwaste in the landfill as disposed waste as well as ADC.