Feb 28 - Santa Cruz County Parks Snuff Out Tobacco

Lighting up in the great outdoors will draw more than dirty looks from now on as the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to ban tobacco in its parks. The ban was brought into place in order to encourage families to visit the parks without worry of second-hand smoke and toxic cigarette litter. From Genevieve Bookwalter of the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Smokers caught lighting up in Quail Hollow Ranch, Pinto Lake and 26 other Santa Cruz County parks soon will face a $92 fine.

County supervisors unanimously voted on Tuesday to ban the use of all tobacco products in all county parks.

``The health concerns of the people we ask to come and enjoy these parks are really paramount,'' said Richard Salazar with Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance. Salazar's group seeks to improve quality of life in the community and schools by preventing tobacco use, among other things.

As a result of the supervisors' decision, visitors will not be allowed to possess, use or dispose of cigarettes, pipes, chew or any other tobacco products on park property. Those caught with tobacco will be asked to hand it over or leave the premises, and could be fined $92 and charged with a misdemeanor.

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A similar measure made progress with the Irvine City Council Tuesday:

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What You Can Do:

  • Learn more about the harmfulness of cigarette butts and litter.
  • Clean up cigarette litter and other marine debris so that you may enjoy your local beach.