Feb 23 - Legislation to Require Recyclable Fast Food Packaging

Assemblymember Mike Feuer has introduced CAW Sponsored legislation to require that all take out food packaging be recyclable or compostable in the community in which it is distributed. AB 904 would enact the Plastic Marine Debris Waste Reduction and Recycling act. This measure is aimed at reducing a significant source of marine debris, and tracks recommendations recently adopted by the California Ocean Protection Council  and included in a report for the California Coastal Commission.

CAW Executive Director Mark Murray was quoted in the California Chronicle detailing the necessity of food packaging reduction:

Takeout food packaging is a huge and costly component of marine debris and the waste stream. Many local governments in California have been mandated by the US EAP to eliminate trash in the storm drain system, and takeout food packaging is a big part of that. This is a problem that requires a statewide solution.

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Take-out food packaging is often unrecyclable and certain problematic materialsâ€"such as foamed polystyreneâ€"are some of the largest components of marine debris. Unrecyclable food packaging is lightweight and easily blown from receptlces or landfills into the marine environment. Experience with the Bottle Bill shows that material that is recyclable is littered less.

What CAW is Doing: