Feb 9 - Spotlight on Biomass in Alternate Fuel Search

An article in USA Today highlights the growing, controversial, and ever-complex world of biomass fuel. Paul Davidson reports:

Here's the stuff of America's energy future: wood trimmings, cow manure, chicken litter, household trash and landfill gas.

Debris is becoming a hot commodity in some areas as the U.S. power industry seeks to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels amid growing global-warming concerns.

With renewable energy taking off, wind and solar power are hogging the limelight, but biomass-fired electricity is quietly making a comeback after a decade-long slump. Biomass is animal and plant wastes used as a fuel source.

Technology in biomass fuel has opened new doors toward alternatives to greenhouse gas-producing waste sites. It is a priority for CAW, however, that new energy technologies do not induce further harm on the environment.

What You Can Do: