Jan 18 - State Treasurer Appoints Paparian to CA Pollution Financing Authority

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer today appointed long-time environmental leader Michael Paparian as Executive Director of the California Pollution Control Financing Authority. Paparian served most recently as the environmental representative on the California Integrated Waste Management Board, and prior to that he had a long career as an activist with the Sierra Club. Paparain and has experience in a variety of environmental protection and resource conservation issues.

CPCFA provides low cost financing for large scale pollution control facilities to help meet environmental standards. CPCFA was at the center of a controversy laste year when CAW and other environmental groups squared off with the Dairy Industry over a proposal to use CPCFA taxpayer subsidized financing to help build large Confined Animal Feeding Operations in the Central Valley. The CAFO's are a significant source of air and water pollution in the central valley. Paparian and CPCFA will still need to wrestle with that issue.

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