Dec 22 - CAW Supports Polystyrene Bans

Californians Against Waste is urging local governments to join the growing list of cities that have recently enacted bans on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) disposable food packaging.

Polystyrene food packaging (popularly referred to as styrofoam) is one of our nation's most ubiquitous examples of over-processed, over-abundant disposable packaging. Fed up with the growing amount of polystyrene waste entering our marine environment, streets and landfills, cities are banning the use of this disposable food service plastic that damages wildlife and our ecosystems. Polystyrene food packaging is not recyclable and is produced with the use of highly enriched petroleum and known human neurotoxins and carcinogens.

Santa Monica, Oakland and San Francisco have recently banned polystyrene disposable food packaging, and Santa Monica has mandated that all disposable food packaging be made from recyclable materials.

Learn more about what CAW is doing about polystyrene waste.