Dec 20 - Analysts Predict New Wave of Obsolete Computers

Many current PCs are expected to be replaced as businesses and organizations update to Microsoft's latest version of Windows, Vista in the next several months. A recent study by Softchoice Corp. in Canada estimates that about half of the PCs currently in use in North America do not meet the minimum requirements to properly run the Vista operating system. The BizTimes Daily reports.

About half of U.S. business personal computers fail to meet the minimum hardware requirements to support Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, according to a new information technology whitepaper by Softchoice Corp.

Furthermore, about 94 percent lack the horsepower needed for Vista Premium.

That is a troubling scenario for American businesses. Consider that when Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2002, about 71 percent of American business PCs met its systems requirements.

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With upgrade eminent, it means that more unwanted computers will enter the reuse and refurbishing.

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