Dec 8 - Santa Monica Bans Polystyrene Take-Out Food Packaging

The City of Santa Monica this week passed unanimously a ban on polystyrene and other non-recyclable plastic carry out packaging, one much broader than ones passed recently in other California cities. The ban not only prohibits food providers from serving food in polystyrene, but also any non-recyclable plastic, which includes "expanded polystyrene and clear polystyrene with the recycling symbol #6. The broad scope of the ban faces potential future problems for being a target from industries against the ban. The Polystyrene Packaging Council has already made its objections to the ban. Olin Ericksen of The Lookout News reports.

With the costs to local businesses unclear and a possible lawsuit looming, the Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday unanimously passed one of California's broadest bans on Styrofoam and non-recyclable plastic carry-out containers.

After listening to comments by environmentalists who say the products harm marine birds and fish and plastic industry representatives who argue other products will end up polluting the Bay, the council acted decisively with little to say on the issue, which was first brought before the council five months ago.

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