Nov 29 - Americans Worried About Global Warming

The Supreme Court started hearing arguments today over the debate of the negatives impacts posed by global warming. The lawsuit, Massachusetts v. U.S. EPA, was filed in 2003 by 12 states, including California, and environmental groups, against the U.S. EPA for not regulating carbon dioxide emissions from new vehicles via the Clean Air Act. A recent national poll by Earth Day Network revealed that Americans are not only worried about global warming and future implications, but want national leaders to look into energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives.

Nov. 28, 2006 (Washington, DC) Americans are setting the Global Warming agenda for the nation’s leaders if they’re willing to listen, and topping the list of solutions are energy efficiency and renewable energy, according to a new national public opinion poll commissioned by Earth Day Network. The poll also shows that Americans are worried about global warming - 58% say global warming will have a “great to extreme” impact on their children’s future and two out of three agree it will adversely impact the U.S. economy over the next ten years.

The poll of 1020 adults, taken Oct. 26-29, also found a majority of Americans (61%) believe it is “very to extremely” important for their government leaders to require higher fuel efficiency standards in automobiles, and nearly half say it is that important for oil companies to be taxed for their contributions to global warming.

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One of the main issues with this case is if the 12 states have "standing" to challenge the EPA's decision not to regulate CO2 emissions. And decision made will have significant implications locally, nationally and globally.

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