Nov 25 - Season Rings in Increase in E-Waste

As shoppers hoard gadgets, computer hardware, and home theater goodies for their loved ones this season, the application of "out with the old" is bound to cause a surge in e-waste throughout the state. This increase is a cause for concern not only for overwhelmed recyclers stateside, but also the unbridled toxicity of the burgeoning industry overseas. From Mike Lee of the San Diego Union Tribune:

As the holiday shopping season kicks in, millions of Californians will load up on TVs, computers and other electronics. Once they haul it all home, they're left to figure out how to get rid of outdated or broken machines.

An increasingly popular way is to recycle them through e-waste companies, which advertise themselves as environmental stewards that divert toxin-laden electronics from landfills.

In reality, many companies export their collections to Mexico or countries in Asia and Africa. There, the products are dumped or dismantled by low-wage workers who work under health and environmental regulations typically far less stringent than in the United States.

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What You Can Do:

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