Nov 19 - Toxic Toys Banned in Time for Holidays

A ban on the sale of toys containing the toxic chemicals bisphenol A and phthalates will take effect in the City and County of San Francisco on December 1st. Toymakers remain doubtful that the chemicals, contained in the plastic of which these toys are composed, are exposed to children in harmful amounts. Both chemicals are scientifically found to present a health hazard to humans. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Widely used chemicals with suspected links to cancer and developmental problems in humans are present in common baby products like the yellow rubber ducky, bath books and clear plastic bottles, a Chronicle analysis confirmed.

The toxic chemicals, which are used to harden or soften plastics, can leach out each time a baby sucks on a favorite doll or gnaws on a cool teething ring, scientists say.

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What You Can Do:

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