Oct 31 - Have a Happy and Green Halloween!

It's Halloween and even between the ghosts, goblins and candy, you can still be a little green this time of year. Here are a few tips to make today a green Halloween!

  • After making your pumpkin into a great jack-o'-lantern, don't throw it away and use all its parts. You can roast your pumpkin seeds. After Halloween is over, use him to make a delicious pie or tasty muffins or send him to your compost pile. As your jack-o'-lantern decomposes, he will create a rich fertilizer for next year's garden.
  • Tonight, make your own "candy bag" by decorating an old pillowcase or bucket.
  • And remember not to litter! Bring along an extra bag tonight to collect unwanted candy wrappers or other garbage.

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What You Can Do

  • Learn more about composting and how to start a composting bin in your back yard.