Oct 30 - CA Legislators Pass Top Environmental Bills in 2006

The California League of Conservation Voters recently released its annual 2006 California Environmental Scorecard, detailing the environmental vote by California legislators and the Governor. In 2006, many of the highest priority bills in the environmental community passed the legislature, unlike previous years. Unfortunately, of the 20 scored bills in the report, the Governor only signed ten. This was also the year that the legislature passed and the Governor signed the landmark global warming bill, AB 32 (Pavley-Núñez).

The Governor's score in 2006 of 50% is slightly worse than the previous two years’ 58% and reflects his established pattern of having a mixed record on environmental issues. Although Schwarzenegger is the most powerful Republican in the State, it has not translated into meaningful influence on Republicans in the legislature. This year's session confirmed the continuation of a trend established in the mid 1990's—paralysis by the Republican members of the Assembly and Senate on environmental issues with 2006 scores at an abysmal 6% average.

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