Sept 29 - Wanted: Home for 31,000 tons of Cow Manure

San Bernardino County officials are grappling with what to do with more than 31,000 tons of cow manure that has been temporarily 'stored' on county parkland.

An article in today's Los Angeles Times by staff writer Jonathan Abrams reveals that the County inadvertently approved storing the manure at Prado Regional Park in Chino. The problem is, the county doesn't own the land, but leases it from the Army Corp of Engineers.

After being tipped off to the dumping by a park ranger, the corps issued a cease-and-desist order to the county and ordered the manure removed.

Chino is well-known for its vast dairy lands, which generate millions of pounds of manure annually, most of it stored in open-air piles.

This particular manure pile, at the "finished compost" stage, belongs to a Houston-based waste management company, Synagro Technologies Inc., which has a processing plant in Corona.

Synagro's plan to send the manure to the Central Valley fell through, and its previous storage site had already been sold to Lewis Homes.

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