Sept 25 - Plastic Bags in Outer Space

NASA reported last week that the second object spotted floating in outer space in the vicinity of the space shuttle was likely a plastic bag.

"While we have not definitively put this interesting little picture to bed, there is considerable thought that it is just a plastic bag that came from somewhere and got loose," said NASA's Wayne Hale.

Plastic bags are one of the most prolific litter items on this planet. Every year, California retailers distribute more than 19 billion plastic bags, less than 5% of which are currently recycled. Even plastic bags that are initially properly disposed can become 'inadvertent' litter, blowing out of trash cans, garbage trucks, and even landfills. To help address the plastic bag litter and waste problem, the California legislature last month passed AB 2449 (Levine), legislation that, for the first time, will require most large retailers to take back and recycle plastic bags.

AB 2449 is supported by environmental groups, local governments, and others and is currently awaiting a signature on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk.

What You Can Do

  • TAKE ACTION and send a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger in support of AB 2449.