Aug 28 - Battery Collection Volunteers Lead Recycling Charge

With no industry or retail response to this past February's Universal Waste rule, Contra Costa County environmental group Sustainable Moraga has experienced an unexpected level of success in its grassroots battery collection and recycling program. When collection sites began to overflow, Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority took the helm. Katherine Tam of the Contra Costa Times reports:

There will be more drop-off sites around the county for those used household batteries, thanks to 11 environmentally minded Moraga residents.

Following the Moraga group's example, the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority plans to open 18 sites in seven cities around the county where batteries can be dropped off for recycling this fall, said Lois Courchaine, program manager. The agency set aside $167,000 to launch the program.

Dumping batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and cell phones in the trash became illegal in February, punishable by thousands of dollars in fines because they release corrosive chemicals and toxic metals.

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Sustainable Moraga is a grassroots environmental group with a goal of guiding citizens toward a sustainable future. They supported a CAW-sponsored bill, AB 2271 (Koretz), which was held up in the Assembly Appropriations Committee earlier this year.

What You Can Do:

  • CREATE a local movement of your own by contacting Sustainable Moraga for more information or visiting their website.
  • TAKE ACTION in shrinking California's growing electronic waste (E-waste) deluge.
  • LEARN more about the E-Waste disposal crisis.