Aug 24 - Battery Take-Home Take-Back - A CA Recycling First

The city of Red Bluff has made it easier for residents to recycle household alkaline batteries by offering plastic bags to place batteries in that can be placed in curbside recycling bins. Kimberly Ross of the Record Searchlight reports that the program has been in effect for only the past week, but has proven to be successful through numerous emails and having to restock the bags, which are available at local stores.

RED BLUFF -- A battery disposal program that is a first in California has begun in Tehama County, where residents can drop dead AA's, 9-volts and other household alkaline batteries into their curbside bins.

Orange Ziploc-style plastic bags are being offered at seven locations in the county, including hardware stores.

The idea is for people purchasing fresh batteries to pick up a free bag to put their used ones in. They then add the orange bags to their recycling bins instead of tossing batteries in the garbage, said Tehama County Landfill Recycling Coordinator Kristina Miller.

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CAW has been on the fore front in encouraging battery recycling as batteries contain hazardous materials. up in landfills. Effective February of this year, California households are prohibited from the disposal of Universal Wastes, including most toxic electronic devices. Additionally, on July 1st, retailers are required to take back rechargeable batteries for recycling.

What You Can Do

  • LEARN more about the CAW sponsored bill establishing the Rechargeable Battery and Takeback Program.
  • Learn about other e-waste existing CA e-waste laws.
  • Support AB 2202 (Saldaña), which would eliminated many hazardous materials from consumer electronics by sending a letter to your legislator.