Aug 16 - Have An Eco-Friendly Back To School

Summer is winding down and many kids are heading back to school in the next month. For younger children, parents are the ones who must purchase school supplies for their kids and what better way to start introducing your children to eco-friendly concepts than through back to school shopping! EcoMall does just that by offering product suggestions for earth-friendly supplies.

With millions of parents buying new clothes, sneakers, book bags and lunch boxes among other things like pencils, binders and other school supplies each year, it's no wonder that September connotates a “fresh, new start” for many families. What a perfect time for parents to start introducing earth-friendly concepts into their children's everyday lives. The EcoMall offers the following green alternatives to the traditional back-to-school supplies along with other ideas for parents to help “green” their schools.

According to Tom Kay, co-founder and president of the EcoMall, “Petroleum oil, a non-renewable resource, is used in the manufacture of chemicals and plastic commonly found in most school supplies. Environmentally speaking, using supplies made of natural ingredients is always preferable. Recycling paper products should be common practice.”

Read the rest of the press release, which also includes a check list for environmentally friendly school supply shopping.

What You Can Do

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