Jul 24 - Environmentally Friendly Computers Identified

In the past month, computer manufacturers have rolled out new computer recycling programs. Now, in another competition of sorts, they are vying for the most environmentally friendly computers in the market. Benjamin Pimental of the San Francisco Chronicle reports the U.S. EPA launched a new website to allow individuals, organizations and other institutions to be knowledgeable of and buy computers that meet the EPA standard set up through the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a list of more than 60 desktop and laptop computers and monitors Friday that meet the agency's criteria for "green" or environmentally friendly computer equipment.

The list was part of a new EPA program to encourage computer manufacturers to use materials and designs that have the least impact on the environment.

The program, called the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT, also hopes to encourage institutions that buy such equipment in bulk, such as government agencies, to choose eco-friendly gear.

The complete article notes that these registered eco-friendly computers contain reduced levels of cadmium, lead and mercury and are also classified as energy efficient and easier to upgrade and recycle. CAW is currently sponsoring AB 2202 (Saldaña), which would require electronic manufacturers to phase out the use of mercury, lead, cadmium and hexavalent chromium by 2010.

What You Can Do

  • Check out the EPEAT database to see which products are EPEAT registered.
  • Support AB 2202 by sending an email to your legislator.