Jul 6 - UK Being Tough on RoHS Enforcement

The European Union’s controversial RoHS Directive became effective just last weekend on July 1st. Law makers and manufacturers have been restless over this date as anxiety over compliance has riddled every party involved. Many manufacturers began compliance strategies far in advance; others lagged far behind. Electronics Weekly reports that though only a week has passed, the UK is taking enforcement seriously.

RoHS enforcer NWML has been directed to take a tough stance over the new hazardous materials rules from day one as it starts to police the European Directive which came into law in the UK on July 1.

According to the enforcement authority, its policy will be to try and “help those that are aiming to comply, and pursue vigorously those that intend to flout compliance with the regulations”.

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Californians Against Waste is pursuing legislation to expand RoHS in California and mitigate the 500,000 ton and growing e-waste problem in California. AB 2202 (Saldana) would require producers of virtually all electronic devices to decrease the levels of mercury, lead and hexavalent chromium to 0.1% or lower, and cadmium to 0.01% or lower.

What you can do to help:
•    Send an e-mail to your Senator requesting support for AB 2202
•    Send an AB 2202 support letter on behalf of your organization