Jun 6 - No Plastic Bag Days in Hong Kong

China's business newspaper, The Standard, reports that in an effort for Hong Kong consumers to curtail their over use of plastic bags, 25 retailers, including two major supermarkets, are joining forces to partake in an ongoing campaign of "No Plastic Bag Day."

Today is the first Tuesday of the month - and from now on that means No Plastic Bag Day.

Following the success of the first No Plastic Day on April 15, its organizers, the Green Student Council, and a growing number of retailers have decided to make it a monthly event.

Today, and on each first Tuesday, shoppers will be charged HK$0.50 for every plastic shopping bag they ask for, with the proceeds donated to charity Oxfam.

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Last year, San Francisco's Environmental Commission recommended the city adopt a fee when distributing plastic bags to encourage reuse and help offset the city's costs for bag litter clean-up and recycling. Currently, the city has agreed to a trial program where retailers have committed in trying to reduce plastic bag use by 10 million bags annually.

CAW is currently sponsoring AB 2449 (Levine), which would require California grocery stores to take back and recycle plastic bags, as well as sell reusable bags.

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