APR 25â€" Assembly Natural Resources Says Aye to AB 1866

Late last night, a little after 6 pm, Wolk decided to add her name onto the list of those who supported AB 1866 in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources.  The bill proposes a prohibition on the use of expanded polystyrene (commonly referred to by the trade name, “Styrofoam”) food packaging in state facilities.  It will now move on to be reviewed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, though its hearing date has not been set yet.  It will likely be a hard push in appropriations, so supporters have already begun mobilizing to send word out and hopefully keep the letters coming in.

Although the bill proposes measures which many Californian communities have already adapted, many were uncertain if enough Assembly Members would vote Aye on the legislation.  However, a few days before committee hearings, CAW started receiving a lot of e-mails and faxes in support, which we were able to hand out to members on the committee.  Multiple people called in to talk to their legislators, and we are pleased to say that beyond getting all the votes we needed, Assembly Member Saldaña even requested to be added on as a co-author to the legislation.  

Thank you for voting with your voice, and please keep writing in!  Your legislators won’t know these issues are important to you unless you tell them.